Jennifer Carey

Jennifer began serving Sarasota Medical Pregnancy Center as a client advocate volunteer in 2008 and then deepened her commitment to the SMPC mission by becoming a governing board member serving for about one year.

The Center’s mission resonated with her; it humbled her when she witnessed the turnaround in clients’ lives resulting from the services, outreach and education provided to moms and their babies. In 2012, Jennifer accepted the CEO responsibility, and for nearly ten years has led the Center in its work.
Sarasota Medical Pregnancy Center is the leading COST-FREE pregnancy and women’s wellness center in Sarasota County serving over 1,100 women and their families each year. The life-affirming care given to every client fuels Jennifer and all of the SMPC staff and volunteers to serve in love and has led them toward their goal of reaching 2,500 new clients per year.

Jennifer brings to SMPC her international business and finance background as well as her Spanish language fluency. The Center welcomes all clients equally and values them as God’s people who need His helping hand in their lives. That’s why Jennifer is here with you today: to discuss how the Center helps women and families who find themselves in unplanned and unprepared pregnancies. She will also talk about the support that the community has provided to SMPC over the years.

She has something IMPORTANT to share with YOU!

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