Leslie Glass

Leslie is a member of the Rotary Club of Sarasota Bay. She is co-founder of the internationally popular website Reach Out Recovery with her daughter Lindsey. Mother and daughter writers have traveled the recovery journey together for 20 years. Together they are authors, addiction prevention, and recovery advocates with a mission to provide books and tools for at risk and underserved populations. They launched the nonprofit ROR Empowerment, Inc. in March 2022.

Focusing on teen empowerment, education and addiction prevention, Leslie developed workbooks to support children experiencing trauma and a health guide for teens. She is the author of the 12-step workbook, Find Your True Colors in 12 Steps, the children’s empowerment coloring book The 8 C’s That Help Me Be All Right (2019) and The Teen Guide to Health (2020). The Teen Guide to Health served as the basis for the Rotary Teen Mental Health Initiative: The What Makes You Healthy Art/Media contest for positive mental health messaging by and for high school students in District 6960, 2021 and 2022. In its first two years 12 high school students have received $16,000 in scholarship awards for best positive mental health messaging by and for teens. On November 5, 2023 $9000 an exhibition of student art and luncheon fundraiser will take place at the Art AVE gallery where $9000 in scholarships will be awarded to winning entries

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