Nancy Murray-Hogrefe Speaking October 28th, 2020

Nancy Murray-Hogrefe worked as a free lance nurse anesthetist at the Med Star in Washington DC (one of the largest Trauma Centers in the country) as also in Lancaster, Pennsylvania amongst the Amish.
During that time I married George who has allowed me to follow many of my dreams.
In 1990, I joined the Army Reserves which just happens to be the year that Saddam Hussein attacked Kuwait. I found myself on the front lines of the First Gulf War.
I retired in 2015 and began my new life as a crazy horse woman!
In 2019 I met Bhuvan Unhelkar with whom I have shared many adventures.

“Nurses, Horses and Bhuvans”.
Nancy has had a wonderful and diverse experience in life. In this talk she shares her experiences of working in Washington DC Trauma Center, then to joining as Army Reserve in 1990 and finding herself in the front line of the First Gulf War. She retired in 2015 to find her passion for Horses providing her with immense joy. She has a knack of meeting and making friends with all kinds and types of people – none better represented than her immediate neighbor Bhuvan. Nancy plans to share these diverse experiences in this talk.

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